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We have experience in developing innovative and creative solutions in the following sectors:

  • London livery companies

  • HR in the financial sector

  • Marketing & PR companies

  • Fine art dealers

  • Tea broking 

  • Service sector/ departments (including finance, distribution, HR, sales and marketing)

  • Charities (including benevolent funds)

Office Conference


  • Implementing a members, churches and gift aid records management database for a church trust charity

  • Specifying and managing the implementation of job and customer management and financials for a nationwide Consumer Service Provider

  • Rapid implementation of an annual compensation review modelling system for the HR division of a major International Investment Bank

  • Implementing tailored Client contact marketing and management systems for the marketing teams within a Banking Association and for a major marketing consultancy

  • Creating and managing bespoke front office databases with links to back office financials for a major art dealer and a tea broker

  • Ensuring the smooth running and maintenance of LANS, WANS and VPNs for all our Infrastructure clients and managing hardware upgrades, and keeping our clients abreast (rather than ahead!) of new technology developments

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